A true professional !

I had my brows done by Cindy recently and I can't begin to tell how beautiful they look. I was hesitant to have permanent makeup done, but I never had nice brows. So after years of struggling with different pencils I decided to go for it. Cindy is a true professional and her artistic talents are beyond what I expected. My brows are beautiful and I can't believe how much they opened my eyes. I wouldn't let anyone do permanent makeup on my face but Cindy; if she should move I would follow her.

Nancy Steriti

Ode to CindyFonda

I first met Cindy on the cover of the December issue of " Villages Neighbors Magazine" and read the wonderful article about her. I had been thinking of having permanent eyebrows done because mine were so sparse. I decided to meet with Cindy shortly after that. I have since had my eyebrows done and also decided to have her do my eyeliner. Cindy is both professional and charming. She works diligently to get the possible outcome for her client. One can tell she is committed to her work and loves what she is doing. I am so pleased I chose Cindy to do my permanent makeup and enjoying my 'new' look.

Molly Lewis The Villages Fla.

Love My New Eyebrows!!

Having "new" eyebrows so enhances my appearance... I'm really happy I found Cindy. She's a true professional with attention to detail. Do not hesitate to try her services because you will feel very comfortable and relaxed while in her care. And most importantly- you will love how you look!

Christine Anderson

What a skilled Artist

Cindy is a skilled artist! My mom is so happy with her eyebrows. They look very natural. I received permanent eyebrows and eyeliner. I save a lot of time getting ready now that I don't have to draw eyebrows and put on eyeliner. We miss Cindy but are happy for the people in Florida have the opportunity to work with her. She truly is special!

Laura Lamanna

Cindy jump-started me on a path of self-improvement

Cindy is the total package. She is timeless, within an inner, as well as an outer attractiveness. You immediately get the impression that she is happy with herself and willing to share her optimistic energy with her clients. She is not only artistic; she is a perfectionist! - Having honed her skills with annual work-shop attendance and years of experience creating lovely enhancements, as well as "fixing" botch-jobs performed by others.

I cannot possibly say enough good things about Cindy and her craft. I met Cindy (through the appreciation of her work on friends) as a mid-50’s professional in the midst of establishing a second career taking little time for my outside appearance. She jump-started me on a path of self-improvement that has me feeling better than I have felt in my entire life. She gave me a "mini –" facelift by first tattooing my eyebrows (which were non-existent blonde - now, shapely and distinct – with individual hairs; not magic marker stark). So impressed with her skill, I also entrusted her to tattoo both upper and lower eyelids, as well as tattooing my lips (very thin upper lip; now, I feel like I “own” lips and am happy with gloss or adding bright lip shades if I want).

Having sustained a weight loss approaching 100 pounds over the course of many years, Cindy’s improvements had me encouraged to further rejuvenate my life by removing excess skin through plastic surgery. I have had several procedures now, choosing physicians who are the best in their respective fields, one for face/neck laxity and the other a specialist in body contouring. They share with Cindy a goal of creating “natural" beauty, which – I’m told and feel - is youthfully invigorating.

Finally, I would like to add that I drove six hours from another state just to undergo her tattoo services. Now, that she has moved to Florida I will definitely trek her way every year or so for refreshers. Thanks Cindy - and best of luck in the sunshine state!!

Diane Pierson

I'm Extremely Happy with my brows

My eyebrows were almost nonexistent. What I did have was blonde. I was tired of having to pencil in my eyebrows everyday only to accidentally brush my brow, partially wipe it clean, and look like a freak. I had been considering permanent eyebrow makeup but was concerned that it would look fake and unnatural. My hair dresser suggested I go to Cindy Fonda of Villages in Florida. Her friend had hers done by Cindy. I saw how perfectly shaped, and naturally beautiful hers were. I decided right then I was flying down to Florida to have her create my eyebrows. Cindy meticulously measured, and artistically drew my brows before applying my permanent makeup. Once I saw them completed I was shocked and thrilled how natural they look. They make me look years younger. I am extremely happy! Thank you Cindy!

Darla Banks

Cindy added beautiful shape and symmetry

Loving how she applied my natural looking makeup! Cindy added beautiful shape and symmetry to my eyes and brows. I am so pleased with the results. Cindy's years of experience show in her artistry. I recommend Cindy to anyone who wants to enhance their appearance.

Francine E. Packard

I Only Trust Cindy!

Her Makeup is amazing! I trust absolutely no one but Cindy with my face for safety and satisfaction. I'm always pleased and love the results. I will travel from Ohio to Florida for every touchup needed

Pam Chapin

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  1. Nancy Steriti

    I had my eyebrows done by Cindy recently and I can’t begin to tell you how beautiful they look. I was very hesitant to have permanent makeup done but I never had nice brows so after years of struggling with different eyebrow pencils I finally decided to go for it. Cindy is a true professional and her artistic talent is beyond anything I expected. My brows are beautiful and I can’t believe how much they opened my eyes. I wouldn’t let anyone do permanent makeup on my face but Cindy; if she moved, I would follow her!


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