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  1. Allene Middleton

    I had my eyebrows done almost 2 years ago and they have faded. What do you charge to have eyebrows redone?

    1. cindyfonda (Post author)

      Allene, Since I didn’t do the original work I would have to see what you have with the color and shape. It’s best to call for a free consultation 330-307-4487 Thanks Cindy

  2. Mary

    I would like to know the cost of having permanent eyeliner. Thank you.

    1. cindyfonda (Post author)

      Mary, My basic eyeliners are 385 for the 1st session and 115 for the second. If you want more info its best to call for an appointment because honestly there is a lot more to eyeliner than just the price. If your looking for a good job! 330307487 Thanks Cindy


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