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Villages Permanent Makeup T h e V i l l a g e s For experience and artistry you can trust, look no further than Villages Permanent Makeup. Owner Cindy Fonda is excited to share her passion to help others look and feel beautiful throughout The Villages. “I want to share my unique flare for this art of permanent makeup in Florida,” Fonda said. “I’m always honored when I continue to get clients from out of state that come to me for their permanent makeup. My goal
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One of the most asked question in a consultation meeting is; Will I Be Happy With Permanent Makeup? I never have an easy answer but I do have an answer that comes from the heart. Anytime you can do something to your appearance that will make you feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror is worth it. Permanent Makeup’s primary goal is to do just that. I can promise you that you
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