Redefining Your Lips
Most woman remember when, in their youth, they had a fuller shape and more color in their lips find out. Woman love to have defined lips with some color. I’m often asked, “Where did my lips go and how did they get uneven looking?” Thankfully there is a solution to thinning, uneven lips with the help of permanent lip treatments. Permanent lip treatments can have an anti-aging effect on the skin around the lips. It
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minimal makeup tips
Achieving a flawless, minimal makeup style can be a challenge. Permanent makeup can help, but how that makeup is applied can make the difference between a fabulous look or a permanent disaster. Applied correctly, permanent makeup can take years off your appearance, and is a beauty must-have for women who want to define their natural beauty. Permanent makeup puts the focus on your best features by reshaping areas such as the eyes or brows that
Eyebrows add so much expression to the face. Having beautiful brows can make you look years younger. Yes, the right shape and placement of the arch can make a world of di­fference to how your pretty eyes are framed. As we mature, our brows change. Some people lose the tail of their brow, often as a result of thyroid issues. Many people may lose their brow hair from over plucking. But sometimes there is no
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By Cindy Fonda,   As we approach the hot humid summer weather, some women tell me that they are tired of going through the ritual of applying their makeup, and as soon as they go outside their makeup either smears or disappears. I have a great makeup solution for you; it’s called Permanent Make-up, and it can keep you looking fresh even at the end of a long hot day. They say eyes are the
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“Getting permanent makeup can be a life changing experience, so find a good permanent makeup artist and you will have no regrets.” Making the decision to have permanent makeup is easy. Finding the right technician may be more of a challenge. Remember you are going to be altering your appearance permanently, so  it is important to choose wisely. It is all done with pigments and tools, but it is the artistry of how it is
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