The Secret To Life-Proof, Sweat-Proof Makeup

Villages Permanent Makeup, Sweat Proof Makeup

By Cindy Fonda,


As we approach the hot humid summer weather, some women tell me that they are tired of going through the ritual of applying their makeup, and as soon as they go outside their makeup either smears or disappears. I have a great makeup solution for you; it’s called Permanent Make-up, and it can keep you looking fresh even at the end of a long hot day. They say eyes are the windows to the soul, so the eyeliner is the picture frame of the eyes. Ladies, you don’t have to fade away at the end of the day. Come back to life and give a little sparkle to those pretty eyes. Wouldn’t it be cool at the pool to have your eyeliner on after a swim or a workout at the gym? We all want to smile when we look in the mirror and like what you see reflecting back. I think having eyeliner can be a great boost to a woman’s self -esteem. Find yourself a talented Makeup Artist and give it a try! Live Beautiful!

   Cindy Fonda is the owner of Villages Permanent Makeup located at 510 Highway 466, Suite 207-J, inside Face and Body Solutions in the Sabal Palms Plaza see here now.

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