How To Find A Good Permanent Makeup Artist

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“Getting permanent makeup can be a life changing experience, so find a good permanent makeup artist and you will have no regrets.”

Making the decision to have permanent makeup is easy. Finding the right technician may be more of a challenge. Remember you are going to be altering your appearance permanently, so  it is important to choose wisely. It is all done with pigments and tools, but it is the artistry of how it is applied that is really important.
Most potential clients might assume that all applications are standard. Unfortunately there are many different skill levels and techniques with which the makeup can be applied. Each technician has their own unique style and the outcome will vary. Also, the very first time you have permanent makeup applied to your skin, that base color is there for good or bad. So make sure your technician is experienced.
How does the consumer research for the right permanent makeup technician? For starters, ask questions such as: “How long have you been doing permanent makeup?” Ask to see their  portfolio and ask if it is their own work. Also decide whether or not you like their style and designs. Remember these are marks that don’t just wash off. If the technician is female, do you like the style of makeup she  s wearing?
Do they work out of a clean professional space? Does their appearance and presentation make you feel comfortable and confident that you are in good hands? Do they have proper licensing? Are they keeping up with the latest technology in permanent makeup?
When price shopping, remember that the best value isn’t always the primary issue – beautiful work is. Each technician is different. Some are too soft, some are too bold. You will want to find a technician with experience and a natural, refined talent. Getting  permanent makeup can be a life changing experience, so find a good permanent makeup artist, and you will have no regrets.
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